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PLEASING AND UPLIFTING EFFECTS: Refreshing Winterblast and soothing Polar Night blends have a unique synergy and purpose to blissfully revitalize your body and spirit. The all natural vapors create powerful therapeutic effects to connect with nature and put your mind at ease.


STIMULATES BETTER BREATHING: The all natural and pure essential oils used in these blends help temporarily soothe nasal passages and may positively affect one’s well-being. Your satisfaction is our priority or your money back.


THE POWER OF ESSENTIAL OILS: Eucalyptus Oil is known for treating nasal congestion and promoting better breathing. Camphor Oil is generally known to relieve chest congestion and relax nerves and brain. Peppermint Oil is promoted as improving mental function and increasing energy. Mugwort Oil is known to improve concentration, stimulates relaxation and tranquility. Spearmint Oil is notable for boosting circulation and reducing stress.


COMPACT AND EASY TO USE: The size of nasal inhalers allow you to take them anywhere. It can easily fit in your pocket or purse. Our energizing inhalers can be used in your everyday life. Just open, inhale deeply but slowly and enjoy!


MADE WITH ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with 100% pure & therapeutic US-Certified grade essential oils. Our inhalers are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients under strict guidelines.


ENHANCE THE RAVE EXPERIENCE: Let these u-rave inhalers accompany you to raves or festivals for an elevating experience. Inhalers these days have become an inseparable accessory for various events. Revive those precious memories every time you inhale.


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